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The Book of the Macabre

Released October 31, 2016

16 Reapers... 5 Dark Paths... 1 Grave

​A morbid corpus of twisted tales drawn from the darkest recesses of some of the most disturbed minds ever to put pen to paper. Sinister and controversial, psychological and horrific, The Book of the Macabre thrusts you into a madness so disturbing you’ll be clawing your way out. This collection of evil is sure to bring even the bravest souls to their knees, pleading for release. Talented curators of horror allow you inside their dark and twisted minds…if you dare.

Featured Authors: R.M. Warren, A.F. Munson, Renee Blue, Chris "Irish Goat" Knodel, Christa Carmen, Jason Lairamore, Sara E. Lundberg, Bruce H. Markuson, Joshua Raines, Barbara M. Scanlon, S. Rey, Douglas James Troxell, Brenna L. Aldrich, Gene Hines, Goran Sedlar, Tina Parmar.

                               ​$14.95 (5 x 8 inch paperback) Pages: 268 ISBN: 978-0985813437

Love Again by Melissa Kline

Released February 1, 2016

Dillan Coggwell is a sassy, independent twenty-three-
year-old who has just returned to her hometown ready
to leave her college days and dark secrets behind.
She finds a kick-ass job as a local designer, buys
​her first cozy townhome and has an amazing circle
of friends but one thing is missing – her high school
sweetheart. She can’t bear his hardened heart, model-esque girlfriend and life that doesn't involve her. Can she fight the agonizing feelings that have been haunting her and keep the past from surfacing?

Landi Powell is more than a little miffed that the girl who stole and crushed his heart is back on his turf. How dare she disturb his social life, befriend his dying mother and act as if they were the bonded friends they once were. He vowed to never let her back in – no matter what. But when he finds his world crumbling, Landi isn’t sure he can suppress the feelings he’s tried so hard to forget. Will he allow himself to soften enough to love again?
                               $12.95 (5 x 8 inch paperback) Pages: 245 ISBN: 978-0-9858134-5-1

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My Beginning by Melissa Kline

Released August 25, 2012


My Beginning is told through the eyes of Ivory, a 16-year-old girl who has lived her entire life within the walls of an institution. She and all of the other surviving children live a strict, mundane life full of tasks and responsibilities--forbidden to go outside, congregate or even look at the opposite sex. Despite the uncompromising atmosphere, Ivory manages to pique the interest of the only boy who did not grow up in the institution, creating a love affair neither of them expected. Multiple secret meetings take a turn for the worse when they are caught and severely punished, but through unexpected circumstances they find themselves on the outside. There is a lot more to the world than they could have ever imagined when they learn of a war and lifelike machines that threaten humankind. Ivory faces many unexpected challenges, and, ultimately, it is up to her to save Aidan and the world she has grown to love. 


                                   $14.95  ISBN: 978-0-9846317-5-9 (5.5 x 8.5 inch paperback) 208 pages 

L.A. a la Cart by Richard Asperger

Released March 22, 2014

  • 2014 PARIS BOOK FESTIVAL RUNNER-UP (Poetry Category)

L.A. a la Cart expresses the poetic emotion of homelessness through images and words that stir the soul. A revealing first-person perspective combining heart wrenching photographs and thought provoking poetry that captures the very essence of the human experience at its most desperate. An insightful snapshot of society's less fortunate; L.A. a la Cart will tug at your heartstrings and open your eyes to what life is like without a home. This unique portrayal is sure to evoke a renewed sense of compassion toward those wayward souls of the streets.

                                   $29.95 (8.5 x 8.5 paperback) 195 pages ISBN: 978-0985813499

A Fine Line by S. Rey

Released Friday 13, 2014

Amanda Morgan is trapped between two
worlds - the past and present, only
she can't figure out which is worse:
the years of torture she's endured or
being forced to recount the haunting
terrors. She knows one thing… she has
to find him. That's all that matters. Never mind the straps binding her wrists, drugs surging through her veins, insanity threatening to take over. She'll play along with their games; Tell them what they want to hear. They're all crazy. The whole world has gone crazy… but she will find a way out. Deep down Amanda knows that there is much more to all of this than she has ever imagined. Will she uncover the truth before it's too late?

                                       $12.95   (4 x 7 trade paperback) 328 pages  ISBN: 978-0985813475

Storm by Melissa Kline

Released December 21, 2012

  • 2014 HALLOWEEN BOOK FESTIVAL RUNNER-UP (Young Adult Category)



Sixteen-year-old Storm enjoys skateboarding, fixing broken electronics, and building things with his hands. They distract him from the tormented thoughts surrounding the circumstances of his mother’s death. But his problems can’t be avoided forever… Since his mother’s death, tensions are high at home, the girl of Storm’s dreams is dating someone else, and an argument with his father lands him in the school counselors’ office. Will Storm overcome his fears, let go of the feelings that have been haunting him, and reveal his long-held secrets? A true-to-life young adult novel teeming with mystery, romance and intrigue.

                                       $12.95   ISBN: 978-0-9858134-4-4 ( 5.25 x 8 inch paperback) 284 pages  

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