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Authors featured in The Book of the Macabre

R.M. Warren, A.F. Munson, Renee Blue, Chris "Irish Goat" Knodel, Christa Carmen, Jason Lairamore, Sara E. Lundberg, Bruce H. Markuson, Joshua Raines, Barbara M. Scanlon, S. Rey, Douglas James Troxell, Brenna L. Aldrich, Gene Hines, Goran Sedlar, Tina Parmar.


S. Rey 

Author of psychological thriller, A Fine Line. 

S. Rey has always been enthralled in all things of the macabre. Growing up obsessing over authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Dean Koontz, her only logical course of action was to follow the trails they blazed. After spending some time on the west coast, S. Rey moved back to what will always be her home - Colorado. She now resides just outside of Denver, where she cares for her daughter and pursues her lifelong dream of becoming one of the first world-renowned, female horror novelists.

FACEBOOK: sreytheauthor

YOUTUBE: Encounter with S Rey

Richard Asperger

Author of award-winning photo-poetry memoir, L.A. a la Cart.

Richard Asperger is an eclectic artist who continues to push his own creative boundaries through visual art, song writing, clothing design, publications, poetry and photography. As a visual artist, Asperger has created multiple cover designs and promotional material for some of Hollywood’s emerging underground bands. He is the founder of Prison Brand Clothing line, which debuted in Las Vegas in 2013 and is the author of L.A. a la Cart, a photo-poetry collection released in 2014 by DreamFusion Press. Richard is currently putting the final touches on his soon to be released autobiographical coming of age story amongst many other ongoing creative projects. Learn more about Richard and his diverse talents at

FACEBOOK: richard.asperger

TWITTER: AuthorAsperger


Melissa Kline

Author of award winning young adult novels, My Beginning & Storm

Melissa Kline has been writing young adult fiction for over nineteen years. She is the author of two award-winning novels; dystopian adventure, My Beginning and contemporary drama, Storm. In addition to penning YA novels, Melissa enjoys writing shorter works and has published a variety of short stories and personal essays. No matter the genre, love is the central theme in her work. As the founder of Rocky Mountain Women Writers and co-creator of Swagger Writers, Melissa enjoys encouraging others to write from their hearts and follow their dreams. Learn more about Melissa and her continuing journey at

FACEBOOK: melissa.kline.180

TWITTER: melissakwriter



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