Space 3032

What lies in our planetary 

future? Tell us in 5,000

words or less.

Dark Planet

Whether a rogue, moon or

hospitable rock - tell us about

this dark planet in 5,000

words or less.

Through The Wormhole

A portal exists somewhere

in space. Tell us about it

in 5,000 words or less.

Feminine Warriors

Create a heroine with strength, 

courage and honor - a true leader.

What is her story? Tell us in 5,000 words

or less.

Whoops! I Think I Love You

Can love happen accidentally? What
does spontaneous romance
look like? Tell us in 5,000 words or less.

A Perfect Stranger

What happens when strangers

fall in love? Tell us in 5,000 

words or less. 


DreamFusion Press


Keep em' coming!

Water Maidens

Mermaids, sirens and

feminine creatures of the water.

Create a world involving these

mysterious beings in 5,000

words or less. 

​*All cover images are for inspiration only unless stated otherwise.

We are currently accepting short fiction works for our print anthology collections. We ask that only previously unpublished works are submitted. Before you submit read, re-read and have someone else read your work to ensure it is in its best form. We are unable to accept even the best writing if it is riddled with grammatical and technical errors.

Format: Please use Times 12 point font, single space. Include a title, author name and short author bio at the end of each submission. 

After your work is edited to the best of your ability, please send your submission as a .doc, .docx, or rtf attachment via email to (we do not accept submissions via snail mail – let’s save our trees!). The subject line of your email should read “Anthology Submission” preceding the title of the anthology you are submitting to. 

At this time, there is no payment offered for anthology submissions. If your work is accepted it is for exposure only. Simultaneous submissions are accepted under the agreement that we will be notified immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.

We make our best effort to respond to each and every submission. Because of this, response time can take 8 weeks or longer, so please be patient. If you have not heard from us after 8 weeks you are welcome to request status. 

Submissions that do not follow guidelines will not be considered, nor answered. If you cannot take the time to read our writing, we cannot take the time to read yours.

Thank you for considering DreamFusion to make your literary dreams a reality. We look forward to reading your work.